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  1. 4th Gen 4k ShrekBox $100 off while supplies last! Grab one for the bedroom!
  2. Get all you sports packages (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, 3PM Soccer), PPVs, and 700 live channels of world wide TV in HDTV! 1 Month Subscription - $20 - http://paypal.me/shrekbox/20 1 Year Subscription - $199 - http://paypal.me/shrekbox/199 To subscribe use the PayPal links above using the friends and family payment options. Include your desired/existing username in the comments section please. If you wish to be notified when your account is active text me at (702)556-1196 and I will reply when you're activated.
  3. This wont quit popping up! What should I select?


    1. Shrek


      What computer is trying to access ADB on your device on your network?

      You can turn off ADB debugging via Amazon Settings My Fire TV Developer Options

  4. Didn't realize my Dexter Lite TV renewal was up yesterday while the NFL playoffs were on?

    How long after I just paid to renew will I be able to watch the NFL playoffs?



    1. DOCDON2


      Is it possible to pay Dexter Direct Today?


  5. It’s still kicking it out and said error, is it because I updated 17.6 Kodi first?

  6. We need more local news channels on debrid 

  7. My box keeps resetting itself 

  8. MR C

    Hay Mr. S  I can't  get the Apollo tv guide to work If I do a Clean install on kodi17.1 and then add Apollo group tv guide it works Http://repo.Apollogroup.tv. then I use your build everything loads but the Apollo tv guide will not show times or programs. Apollo plays it just wont show any info any Ideas Ill keep playing with it hope you can help....

    1. Shrek


      Check use apollo tv guide then uninstall apollo group and reinstall then shutdown kodi and restart

    2. MR C

      MR C

      All great thank you


  9. What happens if you update to 6.01 before installing Kodi 17?



    1. Shrek


      You get a black screen

      Update to 17.1 it will fix

  10. MR C

    1. Hi Mr. S, I had a short power outage tonight all was ok tell then now it  went to kodi I relaunched it it went back to kodi then went black then nothing. I unplugged it now it's just a blue screen looks like new kodi 17 with out your stuff can you help thanks Pat
  11. I updated my box and this is what I have now. 


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    2. Gkidd83
    3. Shrek


      Your stick likely has the custom Shrek Box Kodi 16.1 on it with the Shrek Icon.  You'll need to bring that over to Fiona if it does.

      BTW adjust your display settings for overscan in Amazon settings you are losing 3% of your screen.

    4. Gkidd83
  12. What do I need to run a Shrek Box? All you need is wireless/wired high speed internet (preferred 25Mbs+) and an HDMI port on your TV. We do NOT recommend using a DSL connection for internet services! 4k support requires a 50+Mb internet connection for a buffer free playback! What makes your box better than others on the market? 1) We maintain our own servers and code base. We support the latest release of Kodi 18.3 too! 2) Support - We are here for you with prompt service and answers to your questions from Pre-Sales Demos to video tutorials for power users! 3) Hardw
  13. 10/10/2019 Pricing Schedule Text (702)556-1196 for orders $300 - 5th Generation ShrekBox 4k Cube (Twice the memory and processing power!) Services and Fees $150 Shrek Box Software loading fee for customer provided hardware $50 Delivery and Setup fee (By appointment only) $20 Shipping and handling for Online orders (2-day Priority Insured) $50 Box Reload fee FREE Demos and training (Come to us by appointment ONLY) FREE Online support (We do NOT provide telephone support) FREE Online updates to Shrek Box via Shrek Box Updater We accept cash and PayPal Friends an
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