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  6. To whom this concerns:

    Good morning, I have followed your instructions to the letter. I regret to inform you that the systems sticks once the initial logo is loaded and goes no further. I asked a question earlier, with respect to the URL?

    Is it:

           1. http:\\k2.org\9\pro.apk


           2. http:\\k2.org\20.2\pro.apk

    I did a line check, every thing else appears to be working properly on my end. Thanks for working with me and your support.


    Very, respectfully



    1. Shrek



      Have you tried clearing the c ache for the ShrekBox APK?  If it's hanging that's usually the solution.

  7. Still stuck at the front door using option 2.

    went to permissions, where do I locate write permission?



    1. Shrek


      Android Settings - Apps - ShrekBox - Permissions - File Permissions (Always Allow)

  8. Thanks for the info:

    For us low-tech types and to update to current, does the url look like: Please indulge me.


       1.  http:\\k2.org\20.2\pro.apk


        2. http:\\k2.org\9\pro.apk


    Please "walk the dog" with me. Thanks


    As ever Blackstone 



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