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  2. 4th Gen 4k ShrekBox $100 off while supplies last! Grab one for the bedroom!
  3. Get all you sports packages (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, 3PM Soccer), PPVs, and 700 live channels of world wide TV in HDTV! 1 Month Subscription - $20 - http://paypal.me/shrekbox/20 1 Year Subscription - $199 - http://paypal.me/shrekbox/199 To subscribe use the PayPal links above using the friends and family payment options. Include your desired/existing username in the comments section please. If you wish to be notified when your account is active text me at (702)556-1196 and I will reply when you're activated.
  4. This wont quit popping up! What should I select?


    1. Shrek


      What computer is trying to access ADB on your device on your network?

      You can turn off ADB debugging via Amazon Settings My Fire TV Developer Options

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